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Monday, October 5, 2015

Silent Harmony

From 'Silent Harmony' (about us - invitation)

The world today is unraveling very fast – Large scale Environmental destruction, Burgeoning population of us humans, Growing poverty and malnourishment, Mass extinction of species, Climate change, Vanishing forests, Financial vagaries of a casino economy obsessed with profits and growth, Breaking up of families and meaningful relationships, Growing disillusionment and Psychological depression, Nuclear stockpiling, Resource wars, Dwindling fresh water reserves, The Enormous repression of Women, Factory schooling in the name of Education, all reflect a crumbling way of human life on this planet and threatens our very existence. And it would be fair to state much of this is self-inflicted. By misguided human arrogance and ignorance. An over-belief in one’s capacities to understand the complexity called Life. We have tweaked and tinkered and even drastically changed things way beyond our comprehension for too long, and now are having to face the consequences for it.
To be living in today’s times is an enormous challenge and a responsibility. How does one respond to all this unraveling, and how do we make meaning of it all and our lives in relation to it. Well, looks like most of us don’t. We shut it all out, trying to feel secure in our rat-hole comfort zones, rationalizations, petty pleasures & ideologies. But it doesn’t last and peace is not to be found in escape or forcible looking away. A gnawing sense of unhappiness remains, and for most today life lacks any deep meaning. We flit from one superficial pursuit to another, accumulating whatever we can find and never-endingly wanting to posses more, both material and psychological. There is deep agony, apathy and denial. The fear to look at all this squarely and see that we are lost. That our best answers are not enough, and the ground beneath our feet is slipping.
Must we not then find out who we are, what our purpose in life is? How are we to meaningfully respond to all this so that we aren’t sucked into this whirlpool of suffering. Must we not find out for ourselves fresh and direct the answers to the important questions of life, and not depend on another’s answers however accomplished and popular they may be. Is it not important for us to find Truth, God, or the Source? Life emanates from there. And without it we are incomplete.
We welcome you to this enquiry. Of finding out who one is, and how are we to meaningfully respond to the urgent questions life poses us. Not just in thought, but also in action. To this enormous crisis of violence, and the extraordinary beauty of existence. How are we to reconcile the two and move forward in silent harmony with all that is.
This is a space for going into all this together. A space for dialogue, meditation and sharing. To arrive at these answers fresh & new each time. You are warmly invited to partake of this communion.  There is no authority in this enquiry. Each is on her own, and has to see for oneself. Thanks for gracing this space. We are honoured by your presence 

Thank You

by Naveen Kumar

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